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Sakata Ornamentals Europe A/S

Sakata Seed Corporation was the first Japanese company to export seed and has since been actively involved in the development of new and improved plant varieties around the world. Sakata's flower and vegetable activities have earned it a reputation for quality in over 130 countries.

Part of the global Sakata sales and research network, Sakata Ornamentals Europe A/S is an active supplier of seed and vegetative products to young plant raisers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Sakata's breeding facility, Danefeld Odense Research Station, focuses on bedding crops such as seed Begonia and vegetative Osteospermum as well as innovative pot plants including Festival Gerbera, Danova, Daniella and SuperNova Primula and Astra Platycodon.

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Sakata Ornamentals Europe A/S
Odensevej 82
5290 Marslev
Tel: (+45) 6390 6490
Fax: (+45) 6390 6499

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